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Cluster approach is not a new concept. If we look into the ancient days, we will find a number of clusters existed mostly on Handicraft and traditional craft. Even we come across a good number of cities famous for a particular item as Cuttack for silver filigree; Puri and Bhubaneswar for stone carving, Jaipur for diamond cutting so on and so forth.

Even now a days it is observed that Bangalore is the cluster city for electronic item, Kolkata for readymade garments and Coimbatore for machinery parts etc. Competitiveness and quality play the most vital role in the globalisation era and for persistence of sustainability and growth.

An enterprise cannot solitarily be able to invest on its own for creating all facilities for sustenance and cost of production will be so high that it cannot compete in the market.


Balasore is well connected by Rail, Road with Metros like Kolkata, Chennai & Mumbai. Kolkata, is four hours journey by Road (N.H) & S.E. Railway passing through Balasore. Developed Land, Power, Water and human resources is available along with financial institutions required for development of Industries. Up to 1980, Balasore district was declared by Govt. of India as no-industry district. But due to progressive industrial Policy Resolution (IPR) of both Central & State Govt., the district is one amongst the industrially developed district of the state.

Plastics are man – made materials that can be shaped into any form. They are one of the most useful materials the world has ever seen. There can be plastics of all colours or as clear and colorless as a crystal. They can be shaped into an endless variety of objects ranging from commodity to high performance engineering applications.

There are 5066 SMEs with investment of Rs. 15289.66 lakh created employment of 29776 persons. Similarly there are 10 Large Scale and 8 Medium scale Units with investment of Rs. 904.00 cross & 21.00 cross created employment of 5752 & 1118 persons respectively. Total 1050 nos artisans are in cottage & handicraft sector producing different product like stone carving, Terracotta, Brass bell metal, cane & bamboo product valued Rs. 1351.60 lakhs annually .Out of the total MSEs , there are major group of industries in Plastic & rubber sector.

PVC conduit Pipes

M/s Karni Thermo Plast Pvt. Ltd., Banaparia, Kuruda, Balasore.

Plastic Containers

M/s Mahadev Plastic, Ganeswarpur Industrial Estate Balasore.

Plastic Moulded Furniture

M/s Jagadamba Gases (P) Ltd. Ganeswarpur Industrial Estate Balasore.